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Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun

‘Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun’ Please please do not walk your dogs while the temperatures are high. Dogs can die very quickly of heat stroke which is indicated by a change in breathing or

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test video

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We Won!

On foot of our recent disappointment we put a lot of work into our sendaway and redirect and it paid off. Miss Sassy won the Tracking Dog stake at Fingal trial in Ashbourne last week. She worked very hard on

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Carlow show

It was a beautiful hot day, well perhaps not for the dogs. Sassy put in a good round but just pipped at the post once again by her anticipation on the retrieve. Sign of a very clever dog! Although getting

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Sassy says so?

On the 14 July last at the Working Trials Club of Ireland obediance competition, Sassy was just pipped at the post by half a point and was awarded second place in Novice on a mark of 95.5/100. She was none

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Sassy’s Success

Last Sunday the 12 May with 195.5 marks/200 Miss Sassy aka Ryan’s Daughter of Rovers Rescue won the Working Dog stake at Scarborough open trial last weekend She did a brilliant track and search square. Then put in a consistent

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Sassy says

Sassy says she enjoyed herself at the Working trials club of Ireland show recently. Despite being a bit distracted she earned a second place in graduate obediance and a beautiful blue rosette.

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The right decision

This morning I received a phone call from a new dog owner who after long concideration decided to return her new pup to the breeder. To me this was a very brave and honest lady who made the right decision

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Sassy aka Ryan’s Daughter is named the IKC Top working trials dog of 2014

Irish Dog Trainer Samantha Rawson and her dog Sassy out training

A week end dog handling & communication workshop is planned for Saturday May 31 & Sunday June 1st. It will be held here at the Canine College Thomastown. This is a skills based course.  Certificates of completion will be presented

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Samantha Rawson’s approach to dog training is highly motivational for both partners in the relationship! Samantha uses her understanding and knowledge of canine behaviour to treat each dog according to it’s individual needs Samantha is committed to using positive and humane methods in dog training. She believes that you get back what you put in.Read More

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