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Making mistakes…. make it easier….. make it achievable

Having reached UK  championship level in our sport of working trials. I realised that Sassy did not understand one of the exercises as well I as thought.  So I had to review  her  understanding.. On examination, in my determination to

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Puppy positive

A four week puppy course has just started at The Canine College. The aim of the course is to put the pup and their owner on the right road to good behaviour with the aim of preventing problems developing. Although even at

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Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun

‘Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun’ Please please do not walk your dogs while the temperatures are high. Dogs can die very quickly of heat stroke which is indicated by a change in breathing or

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Can you have a nice garden with a dog?

I have been asked for my thoughts on this matter by the garden writer in the Irish Times magazine (Home & Design supplement May 21) Here are some of my words:  Think carefully about the size and breed traits of

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Two puppies may make double trouble.

There is a lot of fun to have with two pups….even though you can also have plenty of fun with one pup. The reason most people get two pusps is to allow the pups to have company while you are

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Halloween Howls & Scowls

Please be mindful to bring your animals in over this spooky season. Dogs can easily do serious and sometimes fatal injury when attempting to flee in fright. If your dog seeks refuge in a place which is normally out of

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The right decision

This morning I received a phone call from a new dog owner who after long concideration decided to return her new pup to the breeder. To me this was a very brave and honest lady who made the right decision

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December Dos and don’ts

Here we are at another years end. With more and more dogs being rehomed and abandoned each year. Please take your time when concidering a new family dog. DO NOT GET A DOG FOR ANOTHER DOG. The right breeder is

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Interview with Spin 1038 Radio

Listen now to Samantha's Interview

Earlier this month Samantha Rawson featured on Spin 1038’s Radio station. Listen to what she had to say below in this interview which outlines some of the common issues faced with owning a dog and managing both dog and children

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Recent dog attack in Limerick

Following this incident I was telephoned by a couple of radio stations to comment.  Unfortunately I do not have the details of this case.  However I must reiterate that If we want to share our lives with dogs it is

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Samantha Rawson’s approach to dog training is highly motivational for both partners in the relationship! Samantha uses her understanding and knowledge of canine behaviour to treat each dog according to it’s individual needs Samantha is committed to using positive and humane methods in dog training. She believes that you get back what you put in.Read More

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