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A four week puppy course has just started at The Canine College. The aim of the course is to put the pup and their owner on the right road to good behaviour with the aim of preventing problems developing. Although even at 12 weeks old some of the pups already have their owners wrapped around their perfect paws.

It is very hard to resist puppy cuteness. I know and understand. Although it is unfair on the pup if they are allowed to do things now that they may not be allowed do when they are bigger more confident adults.

Two owners asked me how to stop the nipping? Where is the dog when the nipping starts I asked. Answer ON THE COUCH….OUCH. My answer was that the pup should not be allowed on the couch at such a young age as this is a privilege that should be earned. If pups are allowed on the couch they will see it as their bed and resent being disturbed by you when you want to cuddle your pup. ‘ Let sleeping dogs lie ‘

The pup should have its own soft bed on the floor and only allowed on your lap on the couch if at all. You can then give it some cuddles and return it to its bed with a signal telling the dog that the social interaction is over much the same as you would say good-bye before ending a telephone call.

This is very important if your pup lives with children in the household. It must not be given the same area as the children as it may well snap at the children when they disturb it!

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