Two puppies may make double trouble.

There is a lot of fun to have with two pups….even though you can also have plenty of fun with one pup. The reason most people get two pusps is to allow the pups to have company while you are at work.  This is a kind thought but may bring more heartache and hassle while you are safely at work not fretting about the lonlieness on one dog you are now seriously worrying about the amount of damange and destruction you will find when you get home.

Yes dog need company but they can adapt to being on their own while you go out to work to earn the money to buy their food, they are safely asleep in your kitchen.  Even if you only have one dog but especially two I think you may need the assistance of a baby/dog sitter to check on them throughout the day.  To try and reduce their destruction and provide some much needed human influence!

Dogs must learn that people are their masters and guardians as the law require us to be in control of our dogs.  Two dogs can often get up to all sorts of mischief and leand each other down the path of bad behaviour.  If you have two dogs you need to spend more time with them individually than they do with each other.  So that they learn to listen to and be guided by people not their canine companion.  A dog is man’s best friend because usually their is only one.

If you want to enjoy more than one dog. Get one train it properly so that it enjoys a rewarding relationship with you.  A year or two later then get another one and make sure you do just a good job with the second one….so that it also grows up to be a well manners socially acceptable dog who listens to its owners not other dogs.

Professional dog handlers and enthusiasts often have more than one dog but the secret to their success is: they always train and play with their dogs separately and only walk them together when they are bonded with their human master and under their master’s influence. and control.

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Samantha Rawson’s approach to dog training is highly motivational for both partners in the relationship! Samantha uses her understanding and knowledge of canine behaviour to treat each dog according to it’s individual needs Samantha is committed to using positive and humane methods in dog training. She believes that you get back what you put in.Read More

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