Christmas Dog Tips

Happy Christmas and a happy & safe new year to all our customers and canine companions.

Now that the silly season is well and truly under way here are some homely hints for a happy holiday.

  1. Never ever give a pet for a Christmas present unless the recipient has made the request.
  2. Even so please involve the recipient in the choosing of the dog has they will have to live together for the next fifteen years !!
  3. Research, research and research again.
  4. Consider lifestyle, accommodation, finances and most of all time. The biggest demand is on your time.
  5. Consider the animal. Will this dog cope with living with the owner for the next fifteen years !!! Some owners are very demanding
  6. Please be aware of open doors at Christmas time… everywhere..Not everyone cares about your dog as much as you do
  7. With this in mind be very careful who you entrust your little animals care and well-being if you are going away.
  8. Be mindful of the Christmas tree and decorations , lights and tinsel which may be very attractive to a puppy, dog or the cat.
  9. Do not over feed or over indulge your dog over Christmas. They do not have the same constitution as humans !!
  10. Dogs can die of kindness or over indulgence…. Chocolate is poisonous to dogs. If in doubt… Leave it out.
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