Dog Boarding and Summer Time Dog Tips

Just a note about holidays, warm weather and kennelling

  1. Please check out boarding establishments in person.
  2. If you can it is advisable to leave you dog or cat for a weekend before your annual holiday, so that the animal knows you will return, the staff get to know your pet, and you and your pet get to know the staff and you know you can relax on your holiday without worrying about your cherished pet.
  3. When looking for good establishments, talk to your vet and ask for referrals, look for clean, friendly, well run establishments. Most good boarding homes will require up to date vaccination certificates and or kennel cough vaccine.
  4. If you intend calling without notifying the establishment the best time is between 10 am and 2pm as most of the early morning work will have been carried out and the afternoon’s workload will not have started.
  5. Good establishments will encourage an opportunity to impress you !
  6. When you find a boarding home you are happy with please book early to avoid disappointment and upsetting your pet by putting it somewhere new. As soon as you are thinking of booking a holiday book the boarding home first.
  7. In very warm weather, Dogs should not be walked during the day but later in the evening when it is cooler.Be careful of breeds with Boxer like faces like Boxers , Pugs Pekingese, and the heavy and large breeds with profuse coats as these breeds find it very difficult to cool themselves in hot weather due to heavy coats selected for colder climates and respiratory difficulties in the flattened faces of the pugs, pekes and some boxers. Dogs regulated their body temperatures by panting and sweating through the pads of their feet, so sometimes wading in a river helps to keep them cool. Watch out for glass and rat infested waters !
  8. Please do not leave dogs in cars or conservatories for extended periods dogs can die in hot weather in twenty minuets. If you must leave the dog in the car go back and check frequently and let them out for a walk around. All animals should have access to clean water but especially in weather where dehydration is likely.
  9. Enjoy the summer….. Enjoy your animals.

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