How to Choose a Dog

May I suggest that when choosing to get a dog the following points must be considered. Does everyone in the household want a dog Who is the dog for? What is the reason for getting a dog, if the dog is not for you? Please consult the person for whom the dog is intended. They may not want one. Never … Read More

Advice on Buying a Puppy

Please do not buy a puppy without researching where it has come from. A good breeder will ask you the prospective owner as many questions as you should ask them. Both breeder and buyer should have the puppy’s welfare at heart. Buy a puppy in haste and you will pay much more than the price of the pup ! Here … Read More

Socialising Dogs and Socialising Puppies

Due to their shorter life spans dog mature relatively faster then we do. Human are consider adults at 18 years old where as it takes a puppy just 1-2 years to mature. Consequently one week in a puppy’s life is a very long time but in our life it is a very short period. Since puppyhood is so short and … Read More

Fetch! Teaching a Dog to Retrieve

Previously we talked about how to avoid possessive aggression. The best way to prevent this is to teach the dog that fair exchange is not robbery… which is the underlying principal of the retrieve exercise. Teaching the dog how to retrieve Find two similar toys. Keep the toys away from the dog and under your control. The dog only gets … Read More

Dog Training Resolutions

Well so far so good. As we head into 2018. Here are some useful tips to help to improve the relationship between you and your dog. To spend at least 30 mins  of play with my dog every day.  You can play and train with a dog in the house or outside so if the weather is foul…play in the … Read More