Irish Kennel Club Top working trials dog of the year 2014,2015,2016 & 2017 Working Trials Champion Sassy

Champion trainer Samantha Rawson The dog expert is a Certified Canine Behaviour and training consultant. Her mission is to facilitate a mutually respectful relationship between dogs and their owners based on good clear communication, TRUST and the art of compromise.

She is a member of the Kennel club KCAI scheme for dog training instructors. An Irish Kennel club approved obediance and working trials judge.

Samantha has adopted several dogs over the years, and currently shares her home with five dogs and five hens! She has trained two rescue dogs to Irish working trials champions. Battersea’s Best to Pele aka Pele from Battersea dogs home London and Ryan’s Daughter aka Sassy who was a pup destined for Ennis dog pound. Sassy has been awarded the IKC top working trials dog of the years 2014 2015 and 2016 respectively.

Samantha set up her business SAMANTHA’S PET CARE SERVICES IN 1993. She was the first dog trainer in the Republic of Ireland to become a member of the British Association of professional dog trainers. In 2004 she was awarded her qualification in Applied Animal Behaviour from the university of Southampton. She has also been awarded a certificate in Communication and Counselling Skills from NUI Maynooth. As a committed life long learner Samantha is committed to her continued professional development. In recent years she has focused on dog training and behaviour services.

With twenty four years of professional experience Samantha has the knowledge and the skills to deal with almost any problem from house-training puppies to more complex behaviour problems of aggression and fear based issues. Samantha has worked with all sorts of dog breeds and sizes and ages, all with different personalities from the shy nervous dogs to the over confident ones who present unique challenges. Samantha has a genuine interest in people and their dogs as she believe every relationship between a dog and it’s owner is unique. Her success and is based on her respect for the dog and the owner and her believe in honesty at all times. Samantha can empathise with every situation and has lots of practical advice. ‘ Samantha says it as she sees it ‘

She can be contacted on 0872389260.